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Duxford Airshows
IWM Duxford is a branch of the IWM. Once an RAF fighter station Duxford is now home to the IWM’s large aviation and land warfare exhibits, including important historic aircraft from all over the world.

Duxford’s famous air shows are highlights of the aviation calendar and it is home to privately owned flying aircraft that operate from Duxford’s active airfield, giving the complex a unique dynamism.

Onsite Communications are contracted to provide a temporary PA system at each of the IWM’s three air shows which requires integration with the customers existing site wide system. As well as providing emergency announcements across the site we set up speakers to cover the crowd line and key public areas allowing the air show commentary to be broadcast to visitors. During the air shows our engineering team work alongside and provide invaluable technical support to Duxford’s knowledgeable commentary team. They also benefit from the use of a modern commentary trailer unit which we provide as a working base for the commentary team.

Please call Chris Litchfield on 01480 405540 to enquire about booking these services.